Torque Freak Racing is a young and growing virtual race team, formed by Toby Bushnell initially as a GT team at the start of 2011. John Moloney, Ian Rogers, Roger Owen and Steven Jones joined Toby Bushnell in flying the TFR banners during the team’s inaugural season. Steven Jones would take 11 wins from 13 starts to claim the iRacing Prototype & GT Challenge GT1 title for the team, while owner/driver Toby would claim a respectable 3rd with a whopping 29 wins and 26 further podium finishes from a massively busy 60 starts. During the wait for the next season, TFR opened up to include sportscars in that lineup and picked up a pair of, then, stalwarts of the Radical – Philip Widdowson and Mark Bird.


Following a relatively quiet 2nd season, a return to front-running form would be on the cards for Season 3. While the Corvette and Radical would be split up for the season, Toby Bushnell went on to claim another 3rd place overall in the Corvette while Philip Widdowson also grabbed 3rd place overall in the Radical Racing Challenge alongwith a runner-up spot in Division 2. As the season went on, a number of new faces would join the team – Katier Scott, Karl McGuirk, Tom Farr and Simon Roberts.


After a successful first 12 week SuperCup, TFR snapped up series champion David S. Peterson and experienced GT2 racer – Stefan Coppens.


Our Aspirations

Torque Freak Racing is commited to providing a friendly and exciting environment for sportscar and GT racing fans to compete against each other. It’s in our DNA to enjoy the racing we do everyday and it’s our goal to provide our fans and friends the opportunities to race with us as part of the greater community. For 2012, the GT SuperCup takes the lead in demonstrating our commitment to enjoyable, friendly racing by building on our successes from previous events and enhancing it with live broadcasts. We haven’t forgot about our past, so one-off events are still a big part of who we are and shall continue to sandwich the GT SuperCup.