Pedro van Baelen


When did you start sim-racing and how did you get there?
One of the first games I ever played as a kid was stunts en test drive on a old 286pc and that is how I good hook on racing games.

Like most I played a lot of racing games on PC and console from arcade racer to sim-cade to simulation. But sim racing really took of when i joined RPM and played Race the WTCC game.

What sim-racing experience do you have?
I took part in the old gran turismo competitions where u had to sent in the memory cards to verify your times. Also I was part of  rmp roaring pipe maniac now better known as race department. They organised the biggest racing league for a sim called race the wtcc game.

In around 2010 i found out about iracing and how easy it was to race all day against other human people.

What are your goals for your career?

What are your goals for the current season?

What’s your most notable achievement in sim-racing?
Winning the Sebring 12h race with tfr  in 2016

Why have you joined TFR in the first place?
Looked like a fun group of guys with the same vision for going forward. And Bram Reniers Convinced me

What is your favourite car in the iRacing service?
At the moment it must be the c7 Daytona prototype

What is your favourite track in the iRacing service?

What is your favourite car/track combination?
C7 DP at sebring

Real life racing

What real live racing experience do you have?
I have done some trackdays at circuit zolder in my Honda s2000, also lots of touristfarhen laps around the nordschleife ina  seat Leon mk1 TDI, Honda s2000 and know seat Leon mk3 fr

What racing series you like to watch?
V8 super cars and wtcc

Who is your favourite driver and why?
Jacques Villeneuve

What is your favourite racing moment?
None I can think of.

Which tracks have you visited before and which do you visit regularly?

  • Zolder, spa, nurburgring, nordschleife i try to visit at least once a year
  • le mans, zandvoort, hockenheimring i have done a few time in my life.

Off topic

How many games of monopoly have you ruined by not playing mercifully?
Horrible game mechanics

What is one song that you can’t get out of your head and hum occasionally because of it?