Georg Gruber


When did you start sim-racing and how did you get there?
I’ve been playing racing games like Grand Prix and Indy Car Racing since I was 7 years old, which continued for years, although mostly with arcade games, until GTR came out, which, apart from a little bit of Grand Prix Legends, was my first real sim-racing experience.

I started online sim-racing with rFactor, but only started taking it serious when I joined the V8 Thunder Online NR 2003 League in 2009. In 2010 I joined iRacing, after finding out the former Papyrus guys made another sim, although NR2003 remained my main sim until the end of 2015.

What sim-racing experience do you have?
Offline experience:

  • GTR 1+2, and most of the following Simbin games.
  • GT Legends
  • rFactor 2

Online experience:

  • A few races of Grand Prix Legends
  • Three seasons of rFactor in an Austrian League
  • Many many years of NR 2003

What are your goals for your career?
Having fun and competitive races, and getting to know great people while doing it. And winning my class in a 24h race.

What are your goals for the current season?
Getting on the podium of my division in the Ruf Cup and IMSA.

What’s your most notable achievement in sim-racing?

  • Winning multiple races and team championships on V8 Thunder Online.
  • Finishing the first ever 24 hour race on iRacing. (24 hours of Spa by Racespot)

Why have you joined TFR in the first place?
To find a good community which helps me to get faster on-track, and have more fun with sim-racing on and off-track.

What is your favourite car in the iRacing service?
That’s a really hard question. For sheer driving pleasure, it’s definitely the Lotus 49. My favorite car to race in is the Ruf C-Spec though.

What is your favourite track in the iRacing service?
How is that even a question? The Nürburgring. What else?

What is your favourite car/track combination?
Lotus 49 on the Nürburgring. It’s hard and I keep crashing, but it’s just the best, and maybe most difficult combination there is.

Real life racing

What real live racing experience do you have?
Multiple years of karting starting at the age of 10, winning several 4-stroke championships. 6 years racing historic touring cars, including a VW Polo Mk1, VW Golf Mk2, Puch 500, and lastly a Seat Cordoba. Won 2 class championships with the VW Polo and got 4th in the overall championship. 5 participations as a timekeeper for a team at the 24 hours of the Nürburgring, including 3 class wins in a row. And in my day job, I helped design engines that won the Dakar 2 times, the 2015 SX and AMA MX championships, and several smaller championships.

What racing series you like to watch?

  • V8 Supercars, and the accompanying series
  • Indycars
  • NASCAR, on some tracks
  • MXGP

Who is your favourite driver and why?
Shane Van Gisbergen. He’s not only fast, but also a racer through and through. If he doesn’t race V8 Supercars, you’ll find him racing GT or touring car races, endurance races, drift races, hot lap competitions or a rally with his dad’s Escort Mk.2. And between that, he’s on iRacing, or racing RC cars. Racing is absolutely his life, and that’s one of the reasons I think he’s one of the best there is.

What is your favourite racing moment?
The favorite moment in my own career was being a part of a team that won their class in the 24 hours of the Nürburgring. No feeling quite like that.

Favorite moments of other drivers include SVG’s first victory in Hamilton, Senna’s first lap in Donington, and many others. Too many to pick as singe favorite.

Which tracks have you visited before and which do you visit regularly?
So far I’ve been to (and raced at):

  • Hockenheimring
  • Nürburgring
  • Oschersleben
  • Norisring
  • Monza
  • A1-Ring/Red Bull Ring
  • Salzburgring (which I’m visiting a lot)
  • Wachauring
  • Pannoniaring
  • Slovakiaring
  • Automotodrom Brno

Off topic

How many games of monopoly have you ruined by not playing mercifully?
I don’t play boardgames anymore, since I got hit over the head with a Risk board by my girlfriend.

What is one song that you can’t get out of your head and hum occasionally because of it?
AC/DC – Play Ball