Bram Reniers


When did you start sim-racing and how did you get there?
I used to play a lot of  normal/arcady race games. From Stunt Car Racer, Test Drive, Need For Speed to Gran Turismo and GTR2.

Real sim racing started with iRacing. Pedro Van Baelen got me into it.

What sim-racing experience do you have?


What are your goals for your career?


What are your goals for the current season?


What’s your most notable achievement in sim-racing?


Why have you joined TFR in the first place?
I joined the team because i heard good things about it.

What is your favourite car in the iRacing service?
For the moment I like the Corvette C7 DP the most.

What is your favourite track in the iRacing service?
Mount Panorama.

What is your favourite car/track combination?
Kia Optima /  Mount Panorama

Real life racing

What real live racing experience do you have?
I have never driven any car on a closed track. I do trackdays on my motorcycle, planning on doing my first endurance race this year at Brno.

What racing series you like to watch?

Who is your favourite driver and why?

What is your favourite racing moment?

Which tracks have you visited before and which do you visit regularly?
Zolder, Spa, Nurburgring, Magny-Cours, Portimao.

Off topic

How many games of monopoly have you ruined by not playing mercifully?
I don’t know.

What is one song that you can’t get out of your head and hum occasionally because of it?