Jasper Groeneweg (NL)


When did you start sim-racing and how did you get there?
I started sim-racing with the GTR2002 mod for F1 2002. Or at least that is where my interest started. It was fun and the cars were epic but never made it quite past the first chicken in Monza 😀 At some point I wanted more and stumbled on an iRacing video on Youtube (Solstices at Laguna Seca, lol) and it looked pretty interesting. That was in 2010, never looked back!

What sim-racing experience do you have?
Racing sims I played for more than 10 minutes:

  • NASCAR 2003
  • GTR2002
  • GTR1
  • GTR2
  • GT Legends
  • Race 07 / GTR Evolution
  • And of course iRacing, this is pretty much the only sim I have taken seriously 🙂

What are your goals for your career?
Not much really, besides driving as many endurance races as possible I just want to have fun and good racing, preferably in sportscars.

What are your goals for the current season?
Nothing very specific really. I wanted to do the Green Hell challenge but I just can’t make the time for it. I will probably try to focus more on official series (mostly IMSA) and less on leagues since that just fits better in my schedule. There is still the NRL to do though!

What’s your most notable achievement in sim-racing?
Hmmm… it would probably have to be the victory in the Sebring 12H from this year.

Why have you joined TFR in the first place?

Because Stefan Coppens asked me and I wasn’t in a team yet, haha.

What is your favourite car in the iRacing service?
Ruf C-Spec, I just like how it drives, it feels alive.

What is your favourite track in the iRacing service?
Oh man… Road America is definitely up there. Spa too of course. Nordschleife is quickly winning me over… Impossible to choose!!

What is your favourite car/track combination?
That is even harder… stop asking me difficult questions! Fine, C-Spec at the Nordschleife 😉

Real life racing

What real live racing experience do you have?
I sometimes do burnouts at traffic lights on my way to the karting track 😛

What racing series you like to watch?
WEC, Blancpain, and the occasional F1 race. Oh, and WTCC because Tom Coronel 😉

Who is your favourite driver and why?
There are a lot of drivers I admire but probably Zanardi for unparalleled willpower. That man is just a legend.

What is your favourite racing moment?
It’s hard to think of any “moments”, usually the races themselves are memorable as a whole. I really enjoyed the old ALMS races though, those were epic, I certainly remember some moments from those:

Which tracks have you visited before and which do you visit regularly?
Zandvoort, Zolder, Spa, and I visit them all relatively regular, as in, a few times per year 😉 Looking to add the Nurburgring to this list this year!

Off topic

How many games of monopoly have you ruined by not playing mercifully?
Not as many as Risk games 😀

What is one song that you can’t get out of your head and hum occasionally because of it?
Any CCR song!