2.4 Hours of Spa race report – Peter van de Kolk


Last sunday the Dutch ZAC championship started at Circuit Spa Francorchamps. It’s was already the 9th edition of this prestigious GT championship. 

Out of a total of 45 GT3 cars! Peter van de Kolk placed the #81 TFR McLaren 20th on the grid. Not too good but it was as he expected since he didn’t really tested the MP4-12C for qualifying.

Peter started easy and was able to make up a couple of places in his first stint but it seemed the McLaren suffered from heavy understeer later in the stint wich really caused him a lot of time . He even had to make an early pitstop because it was just too bad.
The  second stint was more of the same with still heavy understeer. Up till then still no big mistakes but also the other drivers were driving steady as well.

Unforunately Peter spun when seeking for strategy changes, and a couple of laps later he was hit by the Ford GT3 from Micheael Storm due some troubles keeping the car on track in Pouhon. An early second pitstop for repairs was needed.

After the 2nd stops Peter was in 16th position where he also finished, just 1 place short of scoring a point. So for Peter the race was not that great of a succes. The McLaren felt really bad at Spa, hope for better luck at Silverstone.

Picture: Roy Visser