Victory at the iRacing Sebring 12h

tfr_sebring12h_2The unexpected victories in racing are definitely the sweetest. Before we headed to the 2016 12 hours of Sebring, no one of us thought we could finish this race on top. However, anything can happen in racing.

We entered 3 cars in the race, 2 Daytona Prototypes (team 1: Bram Reniers and David Barraclough; team 2: Jasper Groeneweg, Pedro van Baelen and Timo Verhoest) and a Ruf Track GT3 (Lars Moldenhauer, Georg Gruber and Sascha Lamp) and our first mission was: getting all three cars into one split. With over 300 entrants, this seemed to be impossible. But the session opened with the three teams in one single split, which was the third of nine splits.

After the green flag dropped, the three teams could avoid any early laps incidents. The GT3 team even started from pitlane to avoid accidents in the middle of the pack. While always running near the front, the DP teams were involved in a lot of battles. After the first half of the race, already approched the top-ten of the GT3 class, the Ruf team got some bad luck after Georg lost the car and Sascha the engine, after which the team just tried to get the car through the 12 hours.

Being to pitlane for fuel a little too early for it being the final stop, Jasper jumped into the car and started fuel saving, while at the same time Darren Seal, racing for Legends Racing, pushed everything out of the car to close the gap to Jasper. Darren was already in the slipstream of Jasper, but he spun the car 2 laps before checker. Being so close on fuel, Jasper just carried the car over the finish line to bring it home in first.

The other DP team finished in fourth position and the GT3 in 13th position in class.