Our first endurance race ends in tears


So….. That was our first real endurance race ever. After 9 hours we blew up our engine what also meant that the race was over. Stefan Coppens was able to bring the car back to the pits but the crew chief immediately saw the damage was not repairable.

The first few ours were almost perfect. Timo Verhoest and Stefan Coppens managed to get the car in P6 without any damage but during Timo’s third stint hell broke loose when the server went down. We’ve waited for about an hour before the race could continue. Due some hectic and minor faults by the organization we lost 6 places and a few laps at the restart. Not the best way to restart but at least we were running again. Timo did a magnificent job in this short 50 minute stint and was able to overtake 4 cars and was in P8 at the moment that third driver Phil Widdowson took over. His first stint was a bit messy at the start but he did a steady job and kept the car in the top 10.

Phil Widdowson “My first stint was really bad… jelly legs (presumably from limited actual racing) coupled with FPS drops and lag going up as I got closer to the back of cars meant I was all over the place… missing a lot of gear shifts and 3 foolish spins. Second stint went much better, not hugely brilliant as I still had the FPS drops and carry-over jelly legs, but I was able to drop in a few 2:23s and overall was pretty happy with it – managed to keep the car in one piece, despite a few hairy moments.”

After the double stint of Phil it was again Stefan Coppens in the car for another double stint. He managed to get two places back due crashes and mistakes by the other teams. But just before the end of his double stint the engine blew up. It was unrepairable unfortunately. The race ended even before the half way point and before Jasper Groeneweg and Lars Moldenhauwer could do their laps in the car.

Still we are very proud about what we achieved and this only makes us stronger! We’ve got our taste of proper endurance racing and we will be back in about two weeks for the first NEO Endurace race at Sebring International Raceway.

Last but not least we would like to thank Will and the whole Racespot team for this event. Hopefully this isn’t their last 24 hours race.

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