TFR at Brands Hatch

Philip Widdowson works through traffic en route to victory at Brands Hatch

The iRacing World Tour stopped off at Brands Hatch this past week and what better car to drive around Brands Hatch than one of Britain’s favourite club level cars – the Radical.  A natural terrain circuit, set in the Kent countryside, it offers 2.6 miles of fast, sweeping curves and daunting crests. Torque Freak Racing sent Philip Widdowson and Mark Bird to put their series experience to the test against 88 other racers in search of grabbing some extra silverware for the trophy cabinets.


Qualifying saw Mark place his turquose TFR Radical SR8 in a solid time of 1:19:057, while Phil neglected to complete a lap for qualifying and started 6th in his race. As the race got under way, both races had their natural running disrupted with different start incidents. For Mark, in his mirrors over enthusiastic starts in the mid-field meant that a number of cars went numerous directions causing many drivers to pit for repairs to their vehicles. Phil on the other hand was stuck in a queue with a reluctant driver ahead and was forced to cross the start line in 11th place, but much cleaner.

In the mid-field a bad start causes some "light" contact for a number of drivers

From the get go Mark stamped his authority on the race, briefly loosing his 4th place start position to Rens Broekman, but reclaiming it a few laps later during an incident which saw Rens drop to  17th place. This left Mark free to run down the leaders in search of a podium position, on Lap 11 his chance would come – Elias Varis puts a wheel over the white lines at the back of the circuit and looses control, dropping a number of positions rapidly. Further down the road though while holding a solid 3rd place, Mark would also make a similar mistake – placing two wheels on the grass at the exit of Westfields and briefly loosing control. Mark would regain control and rejoin the race in 5th place, which with some intense focus and determination would become 4th place on the last lap with a sleak move on Evgeniy Dontsov.


For Phil, things wouldn’t be so simple. A much lower average pace meant traffic management was key. Knowing the pace was in hand, Phil set off to make the best out of a less than ideal situation, carving through the traffic with caution, but authority. Where other drivers faultered and crumbled under the pressure, Phil was able to keep composure and plan his passes, doing so mostly where the going was plain sailing. As cars began to drop out quicker and the pits were filling up with spare and damaged parts for incoming Radicals, Phil managed to set his best time of the race towards the end, setting a marker nearly a second quicker than anyone else. Radical Cup Split 1 Podium Radical Cup Split 3 Podium


A warm congratulations to all drivers who participated in the Radical Cup and we look forward to seeing some of you in more events.