Torque Freak Racing gears up for team racing

TFR enters their 3rd year as a team and after our happy honeymoon period of year one, when we teamed up with Glacier TV and bought to you some of the finnest GT league racing, followed by a quiet 2013 as many members became disalusioned with iRacing due to slow progress along with real life commitments for many.

The remaining active members are looking forward to the promise of close team racing and driver swaps and the addition of many new tracks and cars which is shaping up to help many series such as NEO continue to provide some superb league racing.

we are currently recruiting and to shore up our team numbers in preparation for driver swaps when we hope to be one of many teams battling it out on the track against other teams week in week out.

outright pace isn’t a pre requisite (although none of us are snails) but rather we look for a good posative atitude and a passion for racing.

if you think this sounds like a team that you would like to help in the coming seasons then please pm or start a thread in the new drivers section.