TFR in search for new drivers

Torque Freak Racing is a team formed by Toby Bushnell initially as a GT team at the start of 2011. We are commited to providing a friendly and exciting environment for sportscar and GT racing fans and are looking for both junior and senior drivers to expend our line-up. At the moment we are mainly focussed on GT and Endurance championships like like the NEO Endurance Series (NES), Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series (GES) and the VLN series. Concerning the official series the series are the WSCS, Blancpain sprint /endurace series, RUF cup and Road Warrior Series. If you are looking for a team to race with in the best GT and endurance series then TFR might be the right place for you!

Clean racing, friendships and having a good time are an important factors within the team although we are also at a point were we want to go a step further in both professionalism and with our goals. We don’t have the intention to become an pro team but we want to get more competitive.


Junior drivers:
We don’t expect our junior drivers to compete with us in the “premium” events but we want to help you to get faster, safer and more consistent so that you are able to race with us during the premium events in the future. In return we ask you to try to be present at most of our private practice sessions. Besides that you can race in any official or hosted series you like.

Senior drivers:
You will be racing with us in the “premium” events. You must have an A safety license, at least an iRating of 2300 and some experience in GT/Endurance racing. Besides the racing part we also ask you to help coach the junior drivers during private practice sessions, and to help us with small things like keeping our social media pages up to date.

If you are interested into joining our team and contributing to help making us a better team overall then send Jasper Groeneweg or Stefan Coppens an private message and let us know your (iRacing) background and goals.