Meet the team – Phil, Stefan and Jasper


With new shiny paints on our cars and a brand new website it’s about time to get to know the drivers from our team. We try to introduce everyone in the next couple of weeks and are planning to make a dedicated section for it on the website sometime later. 

First in line are Phil Widdowson, Stefan Coppens and Jasper Groeneweg. Phil is team member since the start of the team in 2011. Stefan and Jasper joined the team a bit later in 2012.

Phil Widdowson
Phil is our oldest active member and joined the team from the start in 2011. As Phil is from Britain it it obvious he started racing with titles such as Toca 2 and Colin McRae Rally.  He registered for Iracing in 2009 and with more then 400 races he was quit active in the early years.

The Radical SR8 is by far is favorite car on the service and he was one of the fastest drivers out there in 2011 with as best result an 3rd place overall in season 3.  At the moment he is less active but he is planning for a comeback so now and then you can spot him in his beloved SR8 or in the Aston Martin practicing for the NEO Endurance Series.

Besides the racing Phil is also responsible for both the design and technical aspect of our website. With the new design for the site and forums TFR is future proof for the next couple of years.

Stefan Coppens
Stefan joined TFR at the beginning of 2012 after a steady season in the TFR Supercup. He started simracing about 14 years ago with Sportscar GT but the addiction really got out of control after discovering Grand Prix Legends. Back in the days it was the only simulation where it was possible to drive against real people. He registered for a Dutch simracing community and started his simracing career over there.

After GPL Stefan tried all different titles such as the GT mod for F1 2002 and GTR but they did’t give him same excitement as Grand Prix Legends. He didn’t race for a few years but after reading an article about iRacing his interest in simracing was back. He bought a new pc, wheel, activated an iRacing account and started from scratch. Within a few days he was hooked again.

Stefan his main focus lies in endurance and muticlass hosted championships like the NES and GES series but also did a few official seasons in the IMSA and GT series. For 2015 and 2016 The BMW Z4 is his weapon of choice.

Jasper Groeneweg
Jasper is well known on the iRacing forums and member of the team for over 3 years now. He started his simracing career with the GT mod made by Simbin for F1 2002. Since then he raced in GTR, GTR2, Race07 and now in Iracing for the last 5 years. With over 750 official races and a bunch of hosted races in all kinds of races and championships Jasper is one of our most active drivers.

Like most TFR drivers Jasper is a dedicated sportscar and GT driver. Right now the Ruf C-Spec is his car of choice as he doesn’t like cars with modern aids like traction control and ABS. He had quit some success in this car with a long list of wins, poles and fasted laps in the IMSA series and Ruf Cup.