Meet the team part 2 – Timo, David and Sascha

After Phil, Stefan and Jasper it’s now time to meet Timo, David and Sascha. The three drivers joined us in 2014 or beginning 2015 and already are a hugely appreciated factor within the team.

Timo Verhoest
Timo his first laps in a real sim were with Simbins GTR and GTR 2 but moved to iRacing in 2008. He was one of the early birds and soon a guy to keep an eye on as he is bloody fast in the Corvette C6R. In 2013 he was champion in the Prototype and GT challenge (division 2) and finished 3rd overall.

For now he mostly race in leagues and hosted sessions. His main focus is the NEO Endurance series where he shares the Aston Martin DBR9 with David, Lars and Phil. It’s another GT1 car just like the Corvette but now and then you can spot him in a GT3 car.

David Barraclough
Motorsport has always been a big passion from an early age. David grew up watching F1, his memories as a 3 year old include Senna and Mansell winning in 91 and 92, and supporting Hill then Hakkinen over Schumacher throughout the 90’s. Around the same time he started racing casually on a PC via the wonderful Micropose GP games – GP2, 3 and 4 will always have a place in his heart. School, University and competitive chess meant a lack of sim racing for over a decade, but he got back into driving sims via Forza 2 and 4 on XBox360 in 2013.

David gradually found himself spending most of my time racing the few ‘endurance’ events on Forza, wishing the AI was faster, so iRacing seemed an easy choice for the next step in Christmas 2013! He’s been hooked ever since. His weapons of choice currently include the various Rufs, the SRF, and DW12, through he also love an occasional spin in the other rookie cars (soft spot for the Slowstice!).

Sascha Lamp
Sascha is our newest member and joint us early 2015 to compete in the second season of the VLN series together with Lars. His first simracing contact was with Indycar racing 2 from Papyrus and after that mostly arcade and simcade titles as Grand Turismo but also sims lik the GP series. He joined iRacing about a year ago and it was the first time he drove a sim with a propel wheel and pedals.

Besides simracing Sascha is a software developer so hopefully he can help TFR a bit on that part. 😉

Although he joined our team only a few months ago he already has some memorable moments like a first win in the Grand Touring Cup with the Mustang, an VLN class win and podium finishes in the 24hours of Spa and the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta.