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Hello all

by Martijn Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:10 am

Hello all,

I’ll first of all just copy-paste the message I put on the iR forum:

For the last couple of years i've been part of a team with a couple of friends. Unfortunately my friends are playing less and less iRacing and don't have any intentions to get to a level where we can run for example the NES championship together.

Anyway: now i'm kind of on the crossroads where either i decide to stay with my friends only running special events like the 24hr on Daytona and Le Mans and running in the lower splits or try to get my own performance up to par to be running with a team which is a bit more competitive to run the NES in the future and do some special events together.

Some info about me: i don't race a lot of officials, at this moment i'm around 3400 iR. Maybe with some competitive team mates to learn from i'd be a bit faster but not sure about that. 2 years ago finished GES in second place in the GT3 class, last season DGFX the team I raced in finished as AM champions in the HPD. Don't like to be hanging around Discord or Teamspeak every evening when practicing, i'm more a chatting/whatsapp kind of person and friendly chatting on Discord/Teamspeak is more a distraction while practicing then it does me any good.
Known with Motec and reading/interpreting telemetry data. And basically looking for a nice team to run some special events with and some (endurance) league's

So far my message from the iR forum. Now we’ve met (TFR and I) a couple of times in different leagues, I also noticed in the ZAC league that there are some Dutch members here which caught my attention. Maybe the time is right to join you guys to go do some endurance races and some leagues together?

Thanks so far!
Martijn Joon
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