nrls1r3_2_webThe third race of this season started off on pretty cold and foggy conditions on the famous Nordschleife. The TFR C-Spec drivers Lars Moldenhauer and Sascha Lamp were really confident to get a good result this time after a desastrous second race in the series. However, even the smallest mistakes may cause a lot of damage to the car on this long and demanding track.

Lars qualified the car in 5th with a 8:26.974 and was able to hold that position during his first stint before he gave the car to Sascha. After 5 laps, Sascha clipped the grass in the Kesselchen section and lost the car in a spectacular way. The damage could be fixed within 25 minutes, but the team lost around 5-10 seconds. Being in 8th position after the stop, Lars and Sascha could pass the cars of Proper Backfire Racing and to finish in 6th.

nrls1r3_3_webAn error of Kraut Racing, who is registered for the Jetta, gave Georg Gruber in the MX-5 a competitor and a fight for a class win this time. However, Georg, still racing for Race Hawks, crashed in lap 1 and saw his chance for the win already gone before the Kraut Racing driver Thomas Facklam lost the car and crashed heavily after 4 laps. With only 9 laps driven and a lot of repair breaks during those laps, Georg was once again the man on top of the list in the Mazda class.

The team AXXESS.IT BELGIUM with Robert Fráguas won the race and the GT3 class. Tommy Vandergucht and Christian Challiner won the C-Spec class after they started from 8th in class. Challiner had the fastest car in the entire C-Spec field and brought the car home with 14 seconds ahead of McGarvey Racing. Reddit Racing won in the Jetta class.

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After the podium finish at the inaugural race of the NRL series, the expectations for our C-Spec team and its drivers Lars Moldenhauer and Sascha Lamp were high, though success and failure are always close together when racing at the famous Nordschleife circuit.

With a nrl_wp_2new personal best of 8:29.575, Sascha qualified the car on a solid 6th position. Sascha was also scheduled for doing the start and the first two stints. Although going threewide through the first two corners and being hit by the finnish Blackadder driver Miitro Kemppainen, Sascha could hold his position. After the first lap he lost control going through Breidscheid and lost 4 positions, but he managed to avoid crashing the wall and damaging the car, which already had some minor aerodynamic damage because of the bump at the start. However, he lost approximately 10 seconds and a couple of positions.

After that spin, Sascha had a hard but clean battle against Beer Pitstops driver Mathieu Fortin. Fortin spun in the fast Mutkurve corner, but he managed to stay away from the wall. With now a couple of seconds in front, Sascha spun twice in slow corners, and the battle against Fortin went on until Sascha’s first pitstop. Fortin came into the pits a lap later, but lost 15 seconds.

During his second stint, Sascha gained another position after overtaking french driver Olivier Huguet from the P’tit Jaune Motorsports C-Spec crew. Being already back in 5th, Sascha did some fast laps around the Ring and maintained his position before getting back into the pits after his stint to hand the car over to Lars, when he suddenly experienced a hardware issue. Right after getting out of the pits coming onto the first corner, Lars hit the braking pedal, which broke then. He tried to get the car back without any major mistakes, lost it without hitting the wall at the entry of Flugplatz and kept the car as clean as possible before heading back to the pits to switch with Sascha to investigate his braking pedal issue, which was fixed easily.

However, the TFR C-Spec lost just one position to Beer Pitstop driver Fortin.nrl_wp_3 With a much shorter third stint, Sascha was able to close the gap of 1 minute a little bit, but Lars needed to push until the end after getting back in the car with a then fixed braking pedal. But, after 4 laps, Lars did an almost terminal mistake after he overshot Breidscheid and hit the wall hard. He lost 10 minutes for repairs and another two positions.

The TFR C-Spec finished the race in 8th position out of 11 in class.

Still racing for the Race Hawks team, our new team member Georg Gruber from Austria won his second NRL race in class in a row, but being a lone MX-5 driver didn’t make the race as exiting for a driver as it used to do. His race was, except for 2 little spins, quite uneventful, but he managed to race 4 hours around the Nordschleife on his own and he would have been 3rd in the Jetta class.

Racing in this series is a lot of fun for all our participating drivers, though more cars on the track, especially more drivers in the Mazda MX-5 class would be thankful for the entire field. Probably the next race in 2 weeks would be a bit better on that point.

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The newly created Nurburgring Racing League has just started with a big result for the Torque Freak entry. After a long, hard and mostly devastating weekend for the whole organization, the season opener of one of the first VLN based series was the last chance to gain a good finishing position after the team could not finish the GoT and NEO Endurance races and a lot of incidents kept the team from a decent finish in the iRacing 24 hours of Daytona.

This fresh new series hosts 10 races of 4 hours length at the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife with classes GT3, Ruf C-Spec, VW Jetta and the Mazda MX5. The races are held on alternating Sundays. The TFR entry of Lars Moldenhauer, Jasper Groeneweg and Sascha Lamp races the C-Spec.

After qualifying the car in 6th position in class (14th overall), Sascha did the first stint. After losing two positions at the start and due to an almost race-ending crash, the TFR entry gained some positions as other drivers damaged their cars, though not even close to a satisfying position.

After Lars took over the car for a double stint, even more competitors got into trouble due to losing the car or the even the connection. Being on solid 7-laps-stints, a podium finish was reachable, though driver Marcel Mursa, who needed to do an extra pitstop, was at least 5 seconds slower than Lars. As Sascha took over the car again, he couldn’t gain on Mursa either, but Mursa damaged his car, lost the position and a lap. Being in a save 3rd position in class, Sascha didn’t risk anything and brought the car home.

While being 3rd in class, TFR even gained a 4th position overall.

The overall winner was the team of Daniel Avery, the founder of this series. Black Adder Motorsport (Christian Challiner) won the C-Spec class, Trinity Motorsports with Harald Stadler in the Jetta and Georg Gruber, driving for Race Hawks, won the MX-5 class, though he didn’t finish the race at all.

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