After Phil, Stefan and Jasper it’s now time to meet Timo, David and Sascha. The three drivers joined us in 2014 or beginning 2015 and already are a hugely appreciated factor within the team.

Timo Verhoest
Timo his first laps in a real sim were with Simbins GTR and GTR 2 but moved to iRacing in 2008. He was one of the early birds and soon a guy to keep an eye on as he is bloody fast in the Corvette C6R. In 2013 he was champion in the Prototype and GT challenge (division 2) and finished 3rd overall.

For now he mostly race in leagues and hosted sessions. His main focus is the NEO Endurance series where he shares the Aston Martin DBR9 with David, Lars and Phil. It’s another GT1 car just like the Corvette but now and then you can spot him in a GT3 car.

David Barraclough
Motorsport has always been a big passion from an early age. David grew up watching F1, his memories as a 3 year old include Senna and Mansell winning in 91 and 92, and supporting Hill then Hakkinen over Schumacher throughout the 90’s. Around the same time he started racing casually on a PC via the wonderful Micropose GP games – GP2, 3 and 4 will always have a place in his heart. School, University and competitive chess meant a lack of sim racing for over a decade, but he got back into driving sims via Forza 2 and 4 on XBox360 in 2013.

David gradually found himself spending most of my time racing the few ‘endurance’ events on Forza, wishing the AI was faster, so iRacing seemed an easy choice for the next step in Christmas 2013! He’s been hooked ever since. His weapons of choice currently include the various Rufs, the SRF, and DW12, through he also love an occasional spin in the other rookie cars (soft spot for the Slowstice!).

Sascha Lamp
Sascha is our newest member and joint us early 2015 to compete in the second season of the VLN series together with Lars. His first simracing contact was with Indycar racing 2 from Papyrus and after that mostly arcade and simcade titles as Grand Turismo but also sims lik the GP series. He joined iRacing about a year ago and it was the first time he drove a sim with a propel wheel and pedals.

Besides simracing Sascha is a software developer so hopefully he can help TFR a bit on that part. 😉

Although he joined our team only a few months ago he already has some memorable moments like a first win in the Grand Touring Cup with the Mustang, an VLN class win and podium finishes in the 24hours of Spa and the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta.



With new shiny paints on our cars and a brand new website it’s about time to get to know the drivers from our team. We try to introduce everyone in the next couple of weeks and are planning to make a dedicated section for it on the website sometime later. 

First in line are Phil Widdowson, Stefan Coppens and Jasper Groeneweg. Phil is team member since the start of the team in 2011. Stefan and Jasper joined the team a bit later in 2012.

Phil Widdowson
Phil is our oldest active member and joined the team from the start in 2011. As Phil is from Britain it it obvious he started racing with titles such as Toca 2 and Colin McRae Rally.  He registered for Iracing in 2009 and with more then 400 races he was quit active in the early years.

The Radical SR8 is by far is favorite car on the service and he was one of the fastest drivers out there in 2011 with as best result an 3rd place overall in season 3.  At the moment he is less active but he is planning for a comeback so now and then you can spot him in his beloved SR8 or in the Aston Martin practicing for the NEO Endurance Series.

Besides the racing Phil is also responsible for both the design and technical aspect of our website. With the new design for the site and forums TFR is future proof for the next couple of years.

Stefan Coppens
Stefan joined TFR at the beginning of 2012 after a steady season in the TFR Supercup. He started simracing about 14 years ago with Sportscar GT but the addiction really got out of control after discovering Grand Prix Legends. Back in the days it was the only simulation where it was possible to drive against real people. He registered for a Dutch simracing community and started his simracing career over there.

After GPL Stefan tried all different titles such as the GT mod for F1 2002 and GTR but they did’t give him same excitement as Grand Prix Legends. He didn’t race for a few years but after reading an article about iRacing his interest in simracing was back. He bought a new pc, wheel, activated an iRacing account and started from scratch. Within a few days he was hooked again.

Stefan his main focus lies in endurance and muticlass hosted championships like the NES and GES series but also did a few official seasons in the IMSA and GT series. For 2015 and 2016 The BMW Z4 is his weapon of choice.

Jasper Groeneweg
Jasper is well known on the iRacing forums and member of the team for over 3 years now. He started his simracing career with the GT mod made by Simbin for F1 2002. Since then he raced in GTR, GTR2, Race07 and now in Iracing for the last 5 years. With over 750 official races and a bunch of hosted races in all kinds of races and championships Jasper is one of our most active drivers.

Like most TFR drivers Jasper is a dedicated sportscar and GT driver. Right now the Ruf C-Spec is his car of choice as he doesn’t like cars with modern aids like traction control and ABS. He had quit some success in this car with a long list of wins, poles and fasted laps in the IMSA series and Ruf Cup.


Torque Freak Racing is a team formed by Toby Bushnell initially as a GT team at the start of 2011. We are commited to providing a friendly and exciting environment for sportscar and GT racing fans and are looking for both junior and senior drivers to expend our line-up. At the moment we are mainly focussed on GT and Endurance championships like like the NEO Endurance Series (NES), Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series (GES) and the VLN series. Concerning the official series the series are the WSCS, Blancpain sprint /endurace series, RUF cup and Road Warrior Series. If you are looking for a team to race with in the best GT and endurance series then TFR might be the right place for you!

Clean racing, friendships and having a good time are an important factors within the team although we are also at a point were we want to go a step further in both professionalism and with our goals. We don’t have the intention to become an pro team but we want to get more competitive.


Junior drivers:
We don’t expect our junior drivers to compete with us in the “premium” events but we want to help you to get faster, safer and more consistent so that you are able to race with us during the premium events in the future. In return we ask you to try to be present at most of our private practice sessions. Besides that you can race in any official or hosted series you like.

Senior drivers:
You will be racing with us in the “premium” events. You must have an A safety license, at least an iRating of 2300 and some experience in GT/Endurance racing. Besides the racing part we also ask you to help coach the junior drivers during private practice sessions, and to help us with small things like keeping our social media pages up to date.

If you are interested into joining our team and contributing to help making us a better team overall then send Jasper Groeneweg or Stefan Coppens an private message and let us know your (iRacing) background and goals.


TFR enters their 3rd year as a team and after our happy honeymoon period of year one, when we teamed up with Glacier TV and bought to you some of the finnest GT league racing, followed by a quiet 2013 as many members became disalusioned with iRacing due to slow progress along with real life commitments for many.

The remaining active members are looking forward to the promise of close team racing and driver swaps and the addition of many new tracks and cars which is shaping up to help many series such as NEO continue to provide some superb league racing.

we are currently recruiting and to shore up our team numbers in preparation for driver swaps when we hope to be one of many teams battling it out on the track against other teams week in week out.

outright pace isn’t a pre requisite (although none of us are snails) but rather we look for a good posative atitude and a passion for racing.

if you think this sounds like a team that you would like to help in the coming seasons then please pm or start a thread in the new drivers section.


They say: “In the 11th episode of iRacingTV, VP of Art & Production, Greg Hill, reviews up and coming features (some will appear in the new iRacing build coming this fall). Also, NASCAR iRacing Series World Championship driver Josh Parker stops by the studio to discuss his sim racing career. Will Power, James Davison, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and Trevor Bayne also make appearances on this episode.”



For best viewing, head to the YouTube site and opt for 720p. Enjoy!


Here are some highlights from Week 1 (Silverstone GP, the old layout) in the Prototype & GT Challenge series! Mostly centred around Toby and some battles he had, since he made the video.

View in 720p on the YouTube site for best quality! Enjoy! 🙂


Philip Widdowson works through traffic en route to victory at Brands Hatch

The iRacing World Tour stopped off at Brands Hatch this past week and what better car to drive around Brands Hatch than one of Britain’s favourite club level cars – the Radical.  A natural terrain circuit, set in the Kent countryside, it offers 2.6 miles of fast, sweeping curves and daunting crests. Torque Freak Racing sent Philip Widdowson and Mark Bird to put their series experience to the test against 88 other racers in search of grabbing some extra silverware for the trophy cabinets.




Get a sneak peek at Heat Racing and other upcoming content. Pro Racers visit headquarters. We also cover the 2nd iRacing Virtual Indy 500. Plus, watch our new How To on Spectating and Ghost Racing.




(Originally posted Tuesday, June 14, 2011)

Firstly, apologies for the lack of news/reporting on our site recently. I have not been as active as normal due to a mixture of holiday, illness (nothing serious, thankfully!) and most recently some severe internet connection problems at home. Needless to say, I will endeavour to bring you some more regular updates again here soon, complete with some more photos and videos.

Having just packed up our cars at Okayama and moved to Zandvort, here’s a quick update on how the season is going so far. 6 rounds down, only 6 to go!

Toby had a fairly strong start to the season, taking part in no fewer than 8 official races during Wk1 at Sebring. He showed excellent consistency, taking 3 wins and finishing on the podium during all 8 outings. The addition of the night version of Sebring to the fixed series certainly presented a challenge! If you think you know a circuit well, you’ll find out for sure either way when you try racing in low light! The night version of Sebring looks great in action and I can’t wait to see which road circuit we get a night version of next. I vote for Spa!! Toby had a fairly strong outing at Phillip Island during Wk2, a circuit where he normally struggles a bit. Seeking to improve at one of his weaker circuits, Toby took part in 7 races, claiming 2 wins and 5 podiums despite being a little way off the ultimate pace of the fastest guys. Going off at T2 rarely goes unpunished at this challenging circuit! Following this active spell, Toby has only been able to compete in 3 races, 1 in Mid Ohio and 2 at Okayama most recently. Unfortunately, the first Okayama race Toby attempted ended in disappointment after his internet connection dropped whilst transitioning to the grid for the start of the race. However, Toby won his sole Mid-Ohio outing and finished 3rd in class during his second (connection problem free!) race at Okayama. Connection issues allowing, Toby hopes to still be able to complete races in 8 of the 12 race weeks for both series but there is now no margin for error. Any week missed from now on will make this a mathematical impossibility. I’ve just realised I’ve been talking about myself in the 3rd person which is a bit weird.

Kudos to Ian who is currently 10th overall in the MC series!! Excellent driving Ian and it’s great to see you building on your successes from last season.

Impressively, Steven is currently in 6th overall in the MC series, despite only having taken part in 3 of the first 6 race weeks. He has won all 4 of the races he has contested this season. PC issues have recently prevented Steven from racing, but there is no doubt that the flawless form which took him to the title last season has not disappeared by any means.

See you all on track again soon!