September 27th 2016 04:09:50

@wdr_simracing We'll miss you at Le Mans!


September 17th 2016 06:09:08

@SRNMotorsport74 Looks like we're gonna see a lot of each other in GES too ;)


September 13th 2016 04:09:31

@SRNMotorsport74 @NEOendurance Definitely! We're already hungry for a rematch after Spa ;)


September 13th 2016 04:09:30

RT @PJR84: New season @iRacing starts today. Lets make it a good one and climb to my rightful iRating. Big season ahead with @torquefreak.


September 12th 2016 08:09:14

Do us a favor and vote for David as the Hard Charger in Sunday's NeoTransAm race!https://t.co/BEj9Anab1x


September 12th 2016 05:09:52



September 12th 2016 05:09:43

We just entered a car into the @NEOendurance Series! For the full story, head over tohttps://t.co/2wagmc6Tvihttps://t.co/QaEMZzPdBT


September 9th 2016 08:09:14

RT @SocksOutRacing: @iAnalyzeRacing #NeoTransAm Round 5 Speculation continues on our FB Page:https://t.co/Ah69R9yfJGhttps://t.co/cP1LPCq


September 8th 2016 05:09:49

We simply can't agree on one. What's your choice gonna be?https://t.co/6rvAhkXgJL


September 8th 2016 05:09:14

Good luck to Erik and Kamil!https://t.co/fJxF2czmiy

Torque Freak Racing (TFR) is a sportscar and endurance racing team, formed initially in 2011 by Toby Bushnell. Starting off as a GT team, TFR raced a lot of GT series’ in the iRacing motorsport simulation, in which the team gained a lot of successes and recognition by other teams and drivers. Over the past years, the team went through a lot of changes, experienced sim-racers left the team, and new and talented drivers joined TFR which gave the team a potential base for getting back up the ladder and winning series’ in the iRacing service’s official races.

Right now, the team is focussing to get its endurance racing teams up to the big series, and managed to get a couple of podium finishes in the longer endurance events, especially winning the Prototype class at the Sebring 12h in March 2016. On the flipside, the team’s drivers are present in lots of official races in the IMSA Sportscar Championship, fighting not just for the internal order of rank, but also for class and race wins as well as the official championship. This year, the team participated in the NEO and Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series’ and earned a lot of reputation on the track, though actual successes were rare.

If you want to know more about the team and it’s drivers, just click through the website and visit the forums, where you can meet the drivers, start discussions and also apply to the team if you’re looking for a sportscar and endurance racing team.

You can find out more about our on-track activities from the links below.

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